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In our cutting garden, we grow many unusual varieties of flowers; natural, fragrant, delicate beauties that can’t be bought at the wholesale market. Our flowers are garden-grown meaning that each stem is unique. They grow in all sorts of wayward directions, their petals mottled in parts and their colour varied, full of character, and with intoxicating perfume. Garden-grown flowers are incomparable to anything else.

We work with seasonal, garden-grown and foraged materials. Since the beginning of time, humans have foraged and picked flowers, foliage and branches to decorate the domestic environment and to mark special occasions. This timeless act of harvesting flowers, season by season, is integral to the natural cycle of our working year. Growing them ourselves, seed by seed, is equally as important too. We respect the seasons by working with flowers when are they naturally in bloom. How wonderful it is to miss a Peony in November and anticipate, with so much fervour, seeing it again in May.

Everything we do is inspired by our garden, by the seasons, the surrounding landscape around our studio, and the many scenic places we are invited to work in. The process of growing our own flowers greatly influences the way we work. We believe that local, seasonal and responsibly sourced materials are essential to beautiful floral design and that flowers should always be arranged with the season and a sense of place in mind.

We farm on a small-scale for our own use, growing flowers for weddings, events and workshops from Spring to Autumn. We also supply flowers to florists through Flower Scout; a new platform which connects florists to independent British flower growers providing a range of flowers that are difficult to find through normal wholesale channels.

In winter, where possible, we used dried and conserved flowers leftover from the growing season and a mixture of local foraged treasures, dried honesty, evergreen foliage, seedpods, berries, rosehips, and bare branches. For weddings taking place in the winter months we buy small amounts of flowers from the south of England and overseas. We limit our use of imported flowers so this is the only time of year we do so, until our cutting garden starts producing again in the spring. 

If you would like to visit our cutting garden, to buy a mixed bucket or to simply take in the wonderful sight and scent of the flowers and enjoy a walk through the surrounding fields, contact us to make an appointment and for directions.

The garden is currently sleeping and will open in April 2020. Contact us on flowers@daysofdahlia.com for more information. 


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