Garden Favourites | Tulip China Town | Harvested May 2020

In this journal series, we will showcase a selection of our garden-grown flower varieties, musing on their unique character and putting a spotlight on their many beautiful attributes.

Current favourite: Tulip China Town

Season: Spring

Flowering: May

Scent: None

Goes well with: sweet peas, early garden roses and its own spectacular foliage!

Why we love it: Complex and captivating

"China Town" is from the Viridiflora group of tulip species meaning "green flowers" in botanical Latin. These cup shaped flowers are characterised by petals complex in both shape and colour. On the inside of the petal, the pink is cool and subtle whereas on the underside, it is flaming hot with stripes of green. A temperature shift. The petals are flared and a little dogeared, reminding me of the inside seam of a garment of clothing. Their variegated foliage is lined with a tidy white border and, continuing along my sartorial comparisons, emulates all the smartness of a pin-striped suit. Marginated foliage occurs due to insufficient pigmentation and chlorophyll in the plant cells; a wonderful phenomena received so pleasantly. The sheer fanciness of the flowers compared with the neatness of the foliage symbiotically highlights the uniqueness of both. I have much anticipated the arrival of these flowers since the moment the bulbs started to sprout. When I first glimpsed the streaked white and green foliage, I knew this was a flower of special significance. "China Town" tulips flower in later in the spring season, around early to mid May and last up to 4 weeks in the vase. They can last into June and pair beautifully with the early summer flowers, gracing this transitional spring-summer moment with their beautiful presence. Scroll through the images below for an all-angles look at the exquisite Tulip "China Town".

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