Garden Favourites | Tulip Weber's Parrot | Harvested late April 2020

Updated: May 17

In this journal series, we will showcase a selection of our garden-grown flower varieties, musing on their unique character and putting a spotlight on their many beautiful attributes.

Current favourite: Tulip Weber's Parrot Season: Spring

Flowering: April-May

Scent: None

Goes well with: Lilac, hawthorn, white anemone, yellow ranunculus, dark tonal hellebores, double narcissi, twiggy honeysuckle

Why we love it: Pure romance

The tulip "Webers Parrot" is a whimsical, feathered parrot variety with ruffles of ivory, cream, yellow, and pink with random swathes of green along its ruffled edges. Parrot tulips are the largest and most spectacular of all. Frilled, ruffled, splashed and striped with complex colour combinations that are unlike those of any other flower.

It is difficult to describe the make-up of the petals, as no two flowers are ever the same. The base of the petals are yellow, as if dipped in butter, brushed with strokes and delicate dots of pink in varying degrees of colour intensity. Towards the edge, the petals display a luminescent ivory, almost silver, and appear as if they are emanating light. Some of the petals are touched with green lines, as if authored by pen, a signature mark.

Once cut, they continue to unfurl beautifully with their colour fading gradually throughout their vase life. The petals fold back on themselves like wings and the wing span of the flowers can reach an impressive 8 inches. When it opens out fully, it almost flattens itself becoming a wheel of harmonious colour; like looking at a battenburg cake fragmented through a kaleidoscope. What it lacks in scent, it more than makes up for in beauty. Each individual flower is unique, blushing and glowing in its own distinctive way. Some have more pink tones, some more purple. Rather beautifully, they wear their surroundings as the weather has a direct effect on their colour. The warmer the weather, the darker the petals and the more purple the pink becomes. A flush of cheeks is brought to mind, sun burn. We had a warm spring, with cloudless days raising the temperature to 22 degrees celsius making our varieties particularly pink this year. Next year, it could all be different. Scroll through the images below for an all-angles look at Tulip "Weber's Parrot".

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