A luxury gift box containing our favourite flower arranging tools; a treat for your lucky self or the flower lover in your life! The gift box contains our medium kenzan, bespoke flower bowl, sentei garden scissors, and leather holster for the scissors.  


Medium Kenzan

An indispensable flower arranging tool and must-have for any sustainable florist's tool box. Use them for simple, light or single stem arrangements as well as for fuller designs with multiple stems. The brass pins are strong enough for holding woody foliage, flower stems and grasses in any position creating a natural, just-grown-up-and-out-of-the-vase look.

Bespoke flower bowl
This signature flower bowl is designed by Days of Dahlia and handbuilt in Glasgow in a limited edition of 20, giving each bowl a unique, natural and organic shape. A clean and simplistic design makes it versatile for any theme or style. The 'foot' upholds the bowl at the perfect height to elevate you arrangement allowing for all those romantic trailing tendrils and overflowing blooms.


Sentei Garden Scissors & Holster 
The best general purpose garden scissors you'll ever buy! Best suited for cutting flowers, flower arranging, Ikebana, dead-heading, and light pruning. The traditional round handles are made of a smooth, forged carbon steel making them comfortable, strong, yet lightweight and perfect for accurate and deliberate cuts. The leather scissors holster is made with tough 3.5mm leather, copper rivets and hand stitched with double ply waxed thread. 

Product Specifications

  • Kenzan is made in Japan of rust-proof brass with a rubber base and is 6.1cms in diameter
  • Scissors are made in Japan of carbon steel and are 16.5cms in length
  • Holster is made in Japan of leather and is 16.5cms in length
  • Flower bowl is made in Glasgow of speckled stoneware and tin white glaze with a width of 13.5cms and height of 10cms



  • Kenzan: wash in lukewarm soapy water after each use and allow to fully dry before storing in original box
  • Scissors: wipe blades clean after each use with a soft cloth dry cloth and keep free from moisture when not in use
  • Holster: use a microfiber cloth to wipe any dirt from the surface and if you need to clean the leather, take a damp cloth and wipe it across a leather soap and lightly lather onto holster then buff with a dry cloth (don't rinse)
  • Flower bowl: not dishwasher proof, clean with a soft cloth or sponge and warm soapy water


  • Don't overload the kenzan with too many stems
  • Split the bottom of larger, woodier stems to stick them in easier
  • Raise your arrangement up to eyelevel with a pile of books or upturned bucket 
  • Spin your vase as you arrange or use a 'lazy susan' to make sure your design looks great from all angles
  • There are no rules but we like to layer foliage and woody stems first, focal flowers next, followed by delicate and textured flowers last
  • Raid your garden or buy from your local flower grower


Sustainability Guarantees

  • Buy once and keep for life
  • Products sourced from suppliers who share our values
  • Posted in reusable or compostable packaging
  • No plastic!
  • No floral foam


Please see our shop policy for details on delivery and returns. 







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