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Light & Stories Editorial: A Story of Days of Dahlia

In May 2021, we were approached by photographer Arianna Light and Stories to be part of an editorial documentary series with the view to take photographs that would encapsulate the story of days of dahlia, the people, the process, our workspace, farm, and the flowers along with a short interview. When Arianna and Julie came to visit us in May 2021, it was after a long and lonely time and the first time we welcomed anyone to our space since before the pandemic. It made our studio feel alive and timed perfectly at that gorgeous but brief tulip season moment. Arianna’s photographs capture just how wintry it can feel in the early spring days despite an onslaught of magnificent colours. To have both of us featured in the photographs captures the special kinship that we have; the image of us holding hands for a brief moment whilst harvesting tulips is particularly moving. The other amazing thing about these images is that they also represent how magical flowers can be and their power to bring together so many kindred spirits. Thank you Arianna for including us in your project and we hope you all enjoy these photographs friends!

Arianna is a photographer based in Glasgow and has been capturing natural images and visual storytelling around her chosen subjects since 2006. For more about her work click here.

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