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Our family flower business is based in South West Scotland. We grow our flowers, work from our contemporary studio space and host seasonal flower arranging classes in the place we also call home

flower farm glasgow


Trained in sculpture, Lauren changed career paths in 2018 to start Days of Dahlia with her mum after 12 years working in the visual arts. Lauren's innate creativity, sense of scale, sensibility to materials, and eye for detail translate perfectly to a new wave of contemporary floral design.

"I was raised in a flower shop, I have been surrounded by flowers and plants all my life and have always felt at home in the garden. Returning to the trade of my family's roots feels like going home, it's part of me. Though flowers are fleeting, the last impression they have and delight they bring is so magical. I love nothing more than knowing that our flowers play such an important part in our client's most special moments."

Known for: big, beautiful, gravity-defying installations, fine details and leaving many an un-drunk coffee cup in her wake
Most often heard saying: "Have you seen my scissors?" 
Flower power: can spot an aphid from 10m away


Louisina (pronounced Lewis-sign-a) has been working in wedding, event and retail floristry for 40 years. Trained in horticulture and floristry in the late 1970s, she has seen the industry change, learned all the tricks of the trade, and gained a comprehensive knowledge of floristry and floriculture. Louisina's extensive expertise doesn't get in the way of her openness to learn new things and her ethics of care lends itself perfectly to running a modern and sustainable business. 

"I've spent a long time working with flowers and I'm still getting to know them. I love them for all their beauty but I am also drawn to foliage, moss and other unusual, botanical materials. To plant a seed, watch it become a flower, pick it from the garden, and arrange in its natural form for others to enjoy is the greatest reward. After a long time in the industry, I have found my niche in having a sustainable practice. It's a dream job for me."

Known for: bouquet colour combinations, interesting textures and unexpected compositions; nailing the wild look whilst still keeping it elegant and beautiful. And always rocking a pair of dungarees!
Most often heard saying: "I'll have this finished in two shakes of a lamb's tail"
Flower power: champion sweet pea grower

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