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In the Studio, February 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

A glimpse behind the scenes at the goings-on in the studio during February. We have enjoyed a slower pace this month before the busy schedule of daily harvests, weddings, events, and workshops keeps us busy until November. This month we sheltered from the relentless rain and storms in our flower studio, going about our tasks full of gratitude for this moment of calm in our schedule, for the shelter of our beautiful studio space, the resilience of our landscape to weather the storms, our flowers, and each other.

Spring bridal bouquet of British-grown narcissi, tulips, hyacinth, and hellebore with Italian-grown Ranunculus from San Remo. Flowering heather, blossom and hellebore from our farm.

Beautiful, painterly Iris Reticulata grown on our farm, harvested 'on the bulb' so that we can maximise stem length and use the flower bed space for planting out hardy annuals in a few weeks.

Gently dyeing lengths of habotai with plants, flowers and kitchen waste for our silk ribbon and silk runner collection. One of our favourite tasks.

A rare sunny day to see out the end of February and welcome in the Spring.


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