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Days of Christmas 2020, our favourite gifts for flower lovers

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

We have been busy stocking our online Christmas shop with beautiful gifts for nature lovers, flower arrangers and gardeners. From intricate wreaths, beautiful ceramics, floristry workshops, useful tools, to our farm-grown flowers, we have lots to choose from. Here are a few of our favourite things...


Throughout our flower season we harvest, select, bunch and hang the best flowers for drying. Lots of beautiful stems such as roses, achillea, alchemilla mollis, ammi, strawflower, lunaria, grasses, allium, narcissi, poppy seedpods, calendula, astilbe, and many others have been gathered, dried, carefully wrapped in tissue and boxed once dry. It’s a really special moment to open their boxes and rediscover them later in the year when our flower season is over. We have been really focused on making our wreaths the most sustainable they possibly can be. You will never find any wires, cable ties, floral foam, polyester ribbons, or any other plastic materials on our wreaths. It is sad and worrying to think of all the discarded Christmas decorations that go into landfill every year; all of the floral foam, plastic, and glitter that is thrown away after the holidays. We construct the wreath base by weaving together fine branches from the willow growing on our farm land and decorating them our dried flowers. Everything is tied together carefully with twine and raffia so that it is 100% natural and fully compostable. A little handmade silk tassel and bow is added from our botanically dyed silk collection. Our dried flower wreaths are a beautiful document of a whole year of flowers, some of the seed pods are full of seeds and potential for new flowers; a really special thing to receive!


In the quest for the perfect flower bowl, we commissioned Glasgow-based ceramicist Cathleen Newman to create a a floral compote with a removable 'frog'. The built-in flower 'frog' is a handy ceramic dome complete with holes to hold flowers in place and create beautiful, garden-style, airy arrangements with ease. The 'foot' upholds the bowl at the perfect height to elevate your arrangement allowing for all those romantic trailing tendrils and overflowing blooms. The circular ridges in the bottom of the bowl are designed to prevent the frog from slipping and mean it can also be used in conjunction with our Niwaki medium kenzan. Each piece has a one-of-a-kind appeal because of the construction techniques of wheel throwing and hand glazing. We have two beautiful colours available; 'Shell', a milky white with hints of pink or 'Charcoal', a rich, matte black. This bowl makes for easy, quick and enjoyable flower arranging and is perfect for creating the illusion that the flowers are growing from the vase. Perfect for sustainable, no floral foam flower arranging!


From April-October, our farm is awash with the most beautiful flowers and if you want to give a gift to a flower lover, what could be better than natural, locally grown flowers delivered to their door. Flower subscriptions can be purchased now but will commence on Thursday 14 April 2022 and run until mid-October 2022. Select from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery and we will harvest a beautiful bucket straight from our flower farm to your door. Carefully grown, selected and harvested by us, our freshly cut subscription flowers are guaranteed to bring joy, scent and beauty. The flowers will be supplied in a bucket of water, un-arranged and ready to be crafted into your own vases and designs; perfect for flower lovers who would like to spend time enjoying the meditative and soothing pursuit of flower arranging at home. Your first subscription will be delivered in a re-usable flower bucket, simply leave this out to be re-filled with your next delivery! We deliver only to local postcodes in Glasgow and the surrounding areas as our flowers are too delicate to be flat-packed in a box and shipped. Our flowers are grown on a small farm in the South Lanarkshire countryside, we use organic growing methods and provide food and an ecosystem for pollinators. Each season brings something new and our flower subscriptions are a great way to enjoy an ever-changing array of flowers regularly, connecting with the true nature of seasonality. Something to look forward to in the Spring!


Have you ever wondered how the flowers in our designs stand up as if they were magically growing from the vase or vessel? Well this is it! A flower frog or Kenzan (literally translated as "sword mountain" in Japanese) is an indispensable flower arranging tool, a favourite of ours and a must-have for any sustainable, flower arranger's tool box. Flower frogs were originally used in the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana for fixing flowers into a container, we like to use them for simple, light or single stem arrangements as well as for fuller designs with multiple stems. The brass pins are strong enough for holding woody foliage, flower stems and grasses in any position creating a natural, just-grown-up-and-out-of-the-vase look. Simply place into your favourite vessel and create your own floral masterpiece. You can also keep your kenzan in tip-top condition by adding our two-in-one Naoshi kenzan cleaner and straightener. We stock kenzans in 5 different sizes - a staple in our toolkit we simply wouldn't be without!


We searched for a long time for the perfect apron, something which was durable, lightweight but felt fashionable. When we couldn't find it, we decided to make our own! Handmade by Louisina at our studio on our trusty Singer sewing machine, this waxed cotton apron wraps comfortably over the body with two useful patch pockets at the front which are ideal for tools and trinkets. The apron also features two inside secret pockets which are ideal for stashing your phone, wallet or other precious things you need to keep dry and clean. Perfect workwear for the garden, studio, kitchen, or workshop, this hardwearing yet wonderfully lightweight apron is made in a 100% waxed cotton outer and 100% cotton patterned lining. There are four colours to choose from: ochre with a cross print ecru lining, olive with a floral print poplin, navy with a textured wave print cotton, and wine with an Indigo abstract print cotton. Our waxed cotton is water resistant and tough, it will naturally weather with age to give a comfortable, worn appearance and look great for years to come!


It was difficult to choose a favourite as there is plenty more to discover online! Our shop is stocked with lots of wonderful gifts for Christmas, from useful tools and floristry equipment to hand-crafted ceramics and floristry workshops. Thank you for shopping small, local and sustainable this Christmas!

Lauren & Louisina x

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