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A flower frog or Kenzan (literally translated as "sword mountain" in Japanese) is an indispensable flower arranging tool, a favourite of ours and a must-have for any sustainable, flower arranger's tool box. Flower frogs were originally used in the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana for fixing flowers into a container, we like to use them for simple, light or single stem arrangements as well as for fuller designs with multiple stems. The brass pins are strong enough for holding woody foliage, flower stems and grasses in any position creating a natural, just-grown-up-and-out-of-the-vase look. Simply place into your favourite vessel and create your own floral masterpiece. Keep your kenzan in tip-top condition by adding our two-in-one Naoshi kenzan cleaner and straightener!

Product Specifications

  • Rubber base with medium and large kenzans
  • Rust proof
  • Brass pins
  • Small 3.6 cm
  • Medium 6.1 cm
  • Large 8 cm
  • Long 11.5x3.3 cm
  • 4pc mini set 3cm



  • Wash in lukewarm soapy water after each use and allow to fully dry before storing in original box


  • Don't overload the kenzan with too many stems
  • Split the bottom of larger, woodier stems to stick them in easier
  • Raise your arrangement up to eyelevel with a pile of books or upturned bucket 
  • Spin your vase as you arrange or use a 'lazy susan' to make sure your design looks great from all angles
  • There are no rules but we like to layer foliage and woody stems first, focal flowers next, followed by delicate and textured flowers last
  • Raid your garden or buy from your local flower grower


Sustainability Guarantees

  • Buy once and keep for life
  • Products sourced from suppliers who share our values
  • Posted in reusable or compostable packaging
  • No plastic!
  • No floral foam


Please see our shop policy for details on delivery and returns. 



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