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Days of Dahlia creates poetic, three-dimensional artworks assembling flowers, plants, botanical materials, and textiles to create moments of quiet reflection on the world around us.​ We engage with the powerful and fluid contours of the organic world of nature to convey a reverence and respect, as well as employing a sense of playful experimentation with humble, found, grown, and made materials. 

Lauren Printy Currie is an installation artist and photographer, with training in Fine Art and a decade of experience working as an artist, curator and educator in arts organisations, galleries and museums. Louisina Currie is a florist, designer and botanical dyer with four decades of experience in the floral industry. Together they grow and transform flowers, plants and other botanical materials into live, seasonal and site specific artworks and installations for private spaces, public events, exhibitions, set design, photo shoots, and commissions. 

Browse our previous work via the links below. 

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