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Thank you for choosing local, natural, seasonal, and sustainable flowers. At Days of Dahlia, we take great pride and do our

utmost to ensure that the clients’ event planning experiences are fun, creative, professional, smooth, and relaxed. We grow your

flowers on our flower farm in South Lanarkshire and arrange them in our purpose-built flower studio before taking the utmost

care to transport them and set them up at your venue to the highest, professional standard. Days of Dahlia want your flowers to

be the most beautiful flowers you and your guests have ever seen.


Please read the following document carefully. By paying the booking fee and contracting our services, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.


1. What Happens Next

Days of Dahlia’s creative service leads the client from the enquiry to an initial email consultation, through to a quotation, and

one-hour consultation 10 weeks before the event date, styling and installation on the day itself, and take down the following day.


Included in the costs of the bespoke event service is an hour-long consultation at Days of Dahlia’s studio or by phone/online.

Days of Dahlia hope to be efficient and responsive to the client’s vision that they can compile a comprehensive plan in one

consultation session. Should the client require more consultations, Days of Dahlia will charge £100 per session. Days of Dahlia

will contact you to arrange a consultation which will be scheduled around 10 weeks months before the event date.


2. Consultation

After the initial email enquiry, here are the next steps:

Step 1: Client issued with an itemised quotation created with direction on requirements and budget from initial enquiry


Step 2: 2-week consultation period from the date the quotation was issued where client can request changes and amendments;

Step 3: Quotation agreed and booking fee invoice issued;

Step 4: Booking fee paid and date reserved in diary, client is sent their welcome gifts;

Step 5: We will contact you no later than 12 weeks before your wedding day to organise your consultation; 

Step 6: In-depth 1 hour consultation conducted at Days of Dahlia’s flower studio or online 10 weeks before event;

Step 7: Remaining balance paid 8 weeks before event less the booking fee;

Step 8: Days of Dahlia grow, harvest and create your flowers for you and take care of all the planning and set up on the day.


3. On the Day

Deliveries will need to be received by an appointed person who is allocated to show where the flowers will be set up and

installations to be made, provide access to water for flower vessels, and provide any other key information relating to any on-site set-up required. Our on-site installations require adequate time to construct and cannot be deconstructed or moved once in place. We will always arrive early for set-up in plenty of time before the start of the wedding. Please make sure that there is enough time allocated for us to complete our set-up with the minimum amount of time pressure possible. For example, if the hire of your venue is from 12pm onwards and your ceremony begins at 2pm, and access to your venue cannot be granted before 12pm, this will not give us enough time to complete our work on the day.

Days of Dahlia takes the utmost pride in their work and once they are happy with the arrangements, styling and installations at

the venue, they will take photographs of the finished set up. Days of Dahlia accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to

the arrangements and installations once they have left the delivery address or venue.


If floral installations or arrangements are to be constructed and positioned outside, Days of Dahlia accepts no responsibility for

damage caused by adverse weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather during the set-up time, such as high winds, rain,

cold temperatures, or searingly hot temperatures which will have an adverse effect on the flowers, we reserve the right to

construct installations in an alternative and suitable site indoors. We will discuss a "plan B" that you are happy with during your consulation. 

If the client has hired candles from Days of Dahlia’s prop-hire service, it is the responsibility of the event organisers, caterer or

venue staff to light them prior to the event.


Days of Dahlia will liaise directly with the venue about set up and take down logistics. Days of Dahlia ask that any fixed, on-site

installations such as archways are not moved as these have been designed and arranged to be site specific and are bespoke to the

location and space in which they were assembled. If any elements of the floral styling are moved to a different location by the  client, their guests, or the venue staff, Days of Dahlia accepts no responsibility for any damage or detriment to the overall look of the floristry arrangement after it has been moved.


4. The Next Day

If the client has ordered on-site installations and/or designs that require armatures, vases and vessels from our collection, Days

of Dahlia will return to clear down and collect these the day after the event or at another arranged time. This service is included

in the costs outlined in the quotation. All the vases, vessels, floristry tools, and materials are reusable, on hire to the client and

remain the property of Days of Dahlia.


Days of Dahlia will deliver all bouquets in glass vases of water, a presentation box and tissue. The vases are included in the

floristry price and the client may keep these vases. It is particularly useful if the client wishes to keep their bouquet for

preservation after the wedding. Please note that bouquets must be kept hydrated and in good condition for best results in the

preservation process. We advise putting your bouquet back into its vase of water if you would like to commission any preservation services such as pressing and casting. 

Days of Dahlia will always return to the venue to collect all vases, vessels, and any other props, take down the installations, and

remove all the flowers to be composted at the farm. If the client wishes to keep or gift any venue flowers, they must be removed

from the vases and vessels during the collection the next day. We will bring a flower bucket or buckets to decant your flowers into when we are there for the clear down. Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that the flowers will be in suitable condition the following day because of hot venues, candlelight and designs that require flowers to be out of water. Please be aware that for several arrangements and installations, the flowers will be fixed in place by tying, chicken wire and/or pin frogs, so please do not try to pull them out of the vessels. This is because of our strict no foam and no plastic approach to designing and will make it difficult to remove some flowers from their vessels. Please ask us to advise if you wish to keep the flowers and we will arrange.

5. Booking Fee

Once the quotation, budget and provisional plan is agreed, the booking fee is required to book the date in Days of Dahlia’s diary and is payable on the approval of the quotation which will be open for 2 weeks from the date of issue. For orders totalling £1000 and above, a £462 booking fee is required. For orders below £1000, a 50% of the total order price is required on booking. This fee will be deducted from the final spend of the services on the final invoice. No booking will be confirmed until the booking fee is paid. By paying the booking fee, the client agrees to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document and to pay the amount listed in the quotation as a minimum spend.


6. Security Deposit

Days of Dahlia require a refundable £100 security deposit for the use of vases, vessels, and other props. This payment will be

added to your final balance payable 10 weeks before your event. The deposit will be returned to the client on the safe collection

of these items after the event. All props, glassware and other styling items provided by Days of Dahlia in provision of the

services are on loan to the client and remain the property of Days of Dahlia. Days of Dahlia will collect these items from your

venue within an agreed timescale after the event date. The client will be solely responsible for any loss or damage to these items.

Any losses or breakages will be taken from the £100 security deposit. If the loss or damage exceeds £100, Days of Dahlia will

invoice the client for any additional costs of replacements.


7. Costs and Payments

Days of Dahlia has agreed to provide you with the services outlined in your quotation and the cost of the services has been

agreed in advance of paying the booking fee. There will be no hidden costs along the way and the total amount outlined in the

agreed quotation will be fixed. If the client decides to add to their order within 8 weeks of the event date, Days of Dahlia will

revise the costs outlined in the quotation. The client will be notified of any alteration to cost before the final invoice is issued.

Please note, the client can add items to the order up to 2 weeks before the event date. However, the client cannot remove items

to reduce the costs outlined in the quotation by more than 10% after the budget has been agreed, quotation approved, and the

booking fee has been paid.


However, Days of Dahlia is committed to being flexible in situations which require necessary changes in guest numbers or other changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Where Days of Dahlia is content to change an order to accommodate changes within your set budget, each request to downsize an order by more than 10% will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Days of Dahlia accept online payments via BACS.


Payment of the remaining balance minus the booking fee is due 8 weeks before the event date. This is the payment due date. If

the client fails to pay the invoice by the payment due date, Days of Dahlia reserves the right to issue a late payment fee. Payments are considered late if they are not received by 9am the next working day after the payment due date. If the client is unable to adhere to the payment schedule, please contact Days of Dahlia as soon as possible. If the clients do not contact Days of Dahlia about a late payment for orders up to £999.99, the late payment charge is £40, for orders ranging from £1000 to £9999.99 the late payment charge is £70 and for orders £10,000 and above the late payment charge is £100. If the payment remains outstanding after 7 working days, Days of Dahlia charge an additional daily statutory interest. If Days of Dahlia is owed £1,000 according to the Bank of England base rate @ 0.5%, the annual statutory interest on this would be £85 and the daily interest would be 23p a day. After 50 days this would be £11.50. If the client does not pay the balance, the late payment charge plus the interest 72 hours the event date, Days of Dahlia will not provide the services for the event. Days of Dahlia will not be liable for any loss incurred by the client due to failure to comply with these payment terms.

If you would like to set a different payment date, please speak to us so that we can make alternative arrangements for you. 

8. Prices

Please note that all floristry and prop prices are non-negotiable.


Prices are inclusive of VAT.

VAT registration number: 411 2712 49


9. Cancellations

The client’s event date will be agreed at the time of paying the booking fee. The remaining balance is due 8 weeks before the event date. If your event date changes or is postponed, the booking fee will be transferred to the new event date providing that Days of Dahlia is in the position to provide the services on the new event date. Where a date change is agreed by Days of Dahlia, the final balance will be due 8 weeks from the new event date. However, where such a transfer is not possible, the £462 booking fee will not be refunded. In the event of a cancellation without an agreed postponement, Days of Dahlia will retain the booking fee. In the event of a cancellation after the remaining balance has been paid, Days of Dalia will issue the client with a refund

minus reasonable expenses that Days of Dahlia has incurred. If the event is cancelled after the date which is 4 weeks before the event date, then no refund will be issued to the client.


10. Creative License

In providing the services agreed in the quotation, the client grants Days of Dahlia creative and artistic license in relation to the choice of flowers and materials used, always in close consultation with the client in line with their requests and wishes for the services. Days of Dahlia require that they are the only florist contracted to deliver the services and that no one else adds to their designs or alters them in any way.

11. Seasonal & Sustainable Produce

All floral products are subject to their seasonal availability. Due to the seasonal nature of Days of Dahlia’s service and the unpredictability of nature and weather, Days of Dahlia is unable to commit to any requests for specific flower varieties. Days of Dahlia requests that the clients trust the seasonal process and embrace the seasonality and sustainability of Days of Dahlia’s natural and environmentally conscious way of working. Each season has its own unique beauty and ingredients, and Days of Dahlia can always assure that the client’s flowers will be a beautiful representation of that moment. During the flower season from March to October, all of the client’s flowers and materials are specially grown by Days of Dahlia without exception and carefully selected for their order. From November to March, Days of Dahlia use their farm-grown fresh and dried flowers, farm-grown evergreen foliage, and the seasonal varieties of fresh flowers available from British growers during the winter months. Days of Dahlia is committed to reducing flower miles and the carbon footprint of their business and will never import any flowers from overseas that have been grown with chemicals and pesticides or use any materials that cannot be reused, recycled or composted. Days of Dahlia will never use any floral foam or plastic in their work.


Flowers and plants are a natural product that are grown and nurtured by Days of Dahlia. They are affected by climate and environmental conditions and therefore, Days of Dahlia cannot guarantee the exact colour, shape or size of any flower, plant or other natural product. Days of Dahlia will endeavour to keep as close as is reasonably possible to the colours and details requested.

10. Returns

Please understand that due to the perishable nature of flowers, Days of Dahlia are unable to accept returns.


11. Promotion

For promotional purposes, Days of Dahlia may exhibit the client’s professional event photographs on their website, Instagram, Facebook or other relevant websites, exhibitions, editorials, digital and print marketing as part of their portfolio with permission from the client and the client’s photographer. Days of Dahlia acknowledges that the use of any such photographs will be under licence only and it will only use such photographs in accordance with the permission obtained by the copyright holder (the photographer),

together with any conditions attached to the same.

12. Complaints and Dispute Resolution

In the event of a complaint the client is requested to put this in an email to and one of Days of Dahlia’s directors will respond within 2 working days. If the complaint is not settled to the satisfaction of both parties then appropriate dispute resolution services must be explored prior to litigation.

The law of Scotland will apply to the interpretation of these terms and conditions and the parties agree that any litigation arising from services provided by Days of Dahlia will be conducted within the jurisdiction of the Scottish Court and Tribunal Service.


Thank you!

Well done for making it through the small print!


If you have any questions or would like any further information about any of these terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thank you for choosing local, natural, seasonal, and sustainable flowers for your wedding. 


Thank you for reading this guide, please refer to the links below for the next steps. 

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