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Do you have a minimum spend?

No, we don't have a minimum spend. Most florists will set a minimum spend because they will have a minimum number of stems to order from the wholesale flower market, meaning they can't fulfil small orders as they would have to buy more flowers than they need. As we are also a flower farm growing our own flowers, we don't need to set a minimum because we cut all of your flowers to order just a few days before your wedding. So whether you are ordering just a bouquet and a boutonniere from us, or a full suite of wedding party florals, centrepieces, and archways, we can fulfil your order. We work with weddings of all shapes and sizes from small and intimate elopements, to large and epic celebrations. 

What happens after my wedding day?

We are a zero waste florist, so we take care of all aspects of the clear down the next day. We collect all of our vessels, armatures and props and take all the flowers away for composting at the farm. We liaise with your venue directly about the timings for collection, if you are having next day festivities such as breakfasts and brunches, we can organise to collect the following day to coincide with your venue hire ending, or the following day if the venue allows. We always liaise directly with your venue to organise all of the details and logistics. 

Can I keep the vases?

Bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets and flower girl posies are delivered in glass vases which are yours to keep. The other vases such as urns, table centrepieces, bud vases, and all other vessels are on hire and we will return the following day to collect them. If you would like to purchase any of our vases and props to keep or gift after your wedding, we can discuss this at the consultation. 

Can I keep my flowers after the wedding?

We transport and deliver bouquets in glass vases which are yours to keep, so you can keep your bouquet hydrated right up to the moment you carry it to your ceremony. You can put the bouquet back into water should you want to keep it fresh after your pictures. This is especially important if you plan to have it preserved, pressed or cast. We return to all of our weddings the following day to collect vessels, archway armatures, candlesticks, and any other props you have hired from us. Any flowers that have been displayed in hired vessels and vases can be kept on request. Please ask us before your day and we will bring a flower bucket with us to the collection and remove the flowers from the designs and place them back into a bucket of water. Please bear in mind that there we are not able to guarantee that the flowers will be in a suitable condition the following day because of hot venues, candlelight, improper storage, and designs that require flowers are out of water. 

I have looked through the price list but I can't see what I am looking for, can I discuss a bespoke design?

Absolutely, the price list is a guide of our most requested items and while there is plenty of choice on the list, we love working with creative couples who have dreamed up different designs. We also love working on a site specific, sculptural design which responds to the architecture of a venue or with couples who want to challenge us to make something different which has never been done before! 

Why do we need to pay a booking fee?

Requiring a booking fee is standard practice for all wedding suppliers. It is in place to secure your wedding date in our diary, it means that we can then reserve it just for you. If it wasn't in place, there would be a risk that clients would book a few vendors and then pull out at the last minute meaning wedding businesses wouldn't be able to obtain another booking on that date after having turned away other clients. By taking a booking fee, it means we are able to start planning, growing flowers and purchasing supplies for our weddings. We require you set a spend at the booking stage so that we are able to plan our year and the size and scope of weddings that we take on.


What if I change my mind after I have paid the booking fee?

You are more than welcome to change the provisional plan and quotation that was agreed on paying the booking fee. However, we do ask that you don't remove items to drastically reduce the costs outlined in the quotation by more than 10%. We are committed to being flexible in situations which require necessary changes in guest numbers or other changes due to unforeseen circumstances. We learned a lot from covid! Each request to downsize an order by more than 10% will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Can I bring someone with me to the consultation?

Yes, you are more than welcome to attend together or bring along those who are helping you with your planning such as friends, parents, or other members of your wedding party. Let us know how many of you to expect and we do ask that you don't bring more than 3 additional people. 

Can I see the flowers that will be in my order when I come to visit the farm?

As our consultations are conducted 10-12 weeks before your day, the flowers that will be in your order will not likely be blooming yet depending when in the season your consultation falls. For instance, if we meet in February then we will not be able to show you April's flowers in the flesh but some flowers have a longer season, such as sweet peas which bloom from May through to September-October. So if you visited us in June, there would be certain varieties that would still be available in August. We are happy to show you around our growing spaces if you are interested to see where we grow our flowers. We also have lots of images of our flowers on our instagram pages and online galleries. 

Can I see a mock-up of the designs in my order?

We believe part of the excitement of your wedding is the surprise of seeing your flowers for the first time on your wedding day. We ask that our clients have trust in our ability to bring their vision to life, however, if you would like us to make a mock up of any of the designs in your order, please ask us and we will give you a price for the mock up which can be added to your quotation. 


Thank you for reading our frequently asked questions, if you have any other questions please email Lauren at or call us on 07522406357. 

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