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On the Farm, April 2022

April, the month of tulips! We spend this month trying to keep up with the sudden burst of these cheerful flowers, which bloom within a short window and require daily harvesting for just 4 weeks out of the year. While it is such an uplifting sight to see flowers dancing in the beds, if we allow them to open too much in the ground, they can't be used in our arrangements. So every flower head that is fully formed, showing colour and about to open, is pulled from the ground with the bulb intact! A daily ritual at this time of year. After careful consideration over our bulb order the year previous, pouring over catalogues, swooning over colours, choosing old favourites, new varieties, and dreaming of Spring, there is always a wonderful selection of speciality varieties we’ve been so excited to see. Buttery yellow narcissi are still flowering madly along with the first ranunculus buds. All of this a welcome, uplifting sight as early morning cutting sessions for the 2022 flower season get well under way, with carts full of buckets heading for the studio resembling a sweetie shop of joyful colours!


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