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As a business, we believe it is our responsibility find ways to care for our environment, whilst simultaneously considering human wellbeing and the ecological health of our planet. In practice, sustainability within our business is concerned with scrutinising all of our choices in order to reduce our carbon footprint, cut down on excess plastic and packaging, utilise eco-friendly methods and materials, and manage our water use. To be sustainable in business, we believe in being profitable in a way that profit is never prioritised over people or planet. The floristry industry is not green. 85% of flowers sold in the UK are imported from Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Holland using an energy intensive refrigeration process and transport system that is racking up tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions in just one single year. We are committed to reviewing our practices, thinking creatively and sustainably about the way in which we work in all facets of our business and always thinking about the ways in which we can adapt and do better. In achieving a sustainable practice, we have made the following key commitments:


  • Celebrate and advocate for the natural beauty of flowers, plants and other botanical materials

  • Design with reusable and recyclable vessels and containers

  • Reduce our use of single-use plastic in what we buy and how we package our products

  • Design without the use of imported flowers

  • Reduce the 'flower miles' by growing our own flowers and those from other growers in the wider UK in the winter months

  • Design without the use of dyed, chemically-enhanced or fake flowers

  • Design without the use of floral foam (oasis) in our work and teaching

  • Return to our events the following day to deconstruct arrangements and collect materials that can be reused and composted

  • Compost all green waste to nurture our future flowers


  • Sow, nurture and harvest our own flowers each year using natural methods and gentle farming without the use of chemicals or pesticides

  • Create a safe haven for bees and other pollinators

  • Break down all of our cardboard packaging for using as a weed blocker and as mulch in our flower beds

  • Compost all garden waste to nurture our future flowers

  • Use a peat-free sustainable compost

  • Collect rainwater for watering plants 

  • Grow only using natural resources ie: not relying on heating and electricity to grow flowers outside of their season

  • Always working with nature and in keeping with our natural landscape

  • Planting trees on our growing site to offset the carbon footprint of our business activities such as travelling

  • Maintaining and rewilding the natural woodland and riverbank on our land

We are proud to be ambassadors for The Sustainable Floristry Network; an industry initiative endorsed by a collective of experienced florists from around the world guiding floristry "back to nature". We hope that florists and consumers can become better acquainted with nature’s beauty and develop an appreciation for conservation and protection of the natural world.

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