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We are focused on creating a new model for sustainability, artistry, creativity, ingenuity, and thoughtfulness within the floral industry.

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Days of Dahlia is a flower farm and design studio based in the countryside of South West Scotland. Run by mother and daughter, Lauren and Louisina who work side-by-side growing and designing flowers with an organic and sustainable approach. We have four decades of experience in the floral industry from retail to event floristry to horticulture and growing.



We sow, grow, nurture, and harvest thousands of stems of beautiful, rare and scented flowers that you can't find anywhere else. We grow classic, heirloom, cottage garden favourites such as sweet peas, lupins, foxgloves, cornflowers, nigella, poppies, garden roses, and much more. Working with imported flowers that are out of season can never produce the same soft, natural look that  garden-grown flowers can.

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Our style is loose and romantic with every arrangement telling a story about the land in which it was grown and the season from which it came. We pride ourselves on growing all the ingredients in our designs. 

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Whilst never compromising on beauty or design, we advocate for the health of our planet and the much needed change in industry standards with quality of produce and sustainability at the forefront.

The most beautiful flowers are the ones you pick yourself. 


Our flowers are fresh, seasonal, fragrant, natural, and beautiful. Each flower's shape, petal, colour, and stem is entirely unique to the next, even within the same variety. Our ingredients grow happily in the same climate and at the right time of year. Much like food, we believe that using the best ingredients and the most thoughtful design approaches produces the best results; softer, natural, more meaningful, and representative of a time and place. 


"You are geniuses! Every single thing you did completely exceeded our expectations, and as we look back, we agree that the flowers were the most magical and surprising part of our day. The hairpieces were perfect, and so comfortable and well-chosen to go with our outfits. And then we noticed the decorations, and the burning candles, on the mantelpiece and at the side during our ceremony. But walking into the table set for dinner was tremendous! Nobody had seen anything like it, and people talked about it all through the meal, trying to identify flowers and fruit and mentioning Babette’s Feast (even my uncle David came over to say that he didn’t usually notice flowers, but noticed these!) It was wonderful, and it made our day feel truly special and our hospitality feel so warm and lavish. Thank you."


Local delivery of natural, chemical-free, and sustainable flowers. 
UK-wide delivery of handmade workwear, floristry tools, workshops, and gifts. 

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