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How to Fold a Napkin in Six Beautiful Ways

Add a special touch to your wedding breakfast or dinner party with these easy napkin folding ideas. All you need to get started are a few napkins and our step-by-step instructions and video demos below. Our preferred textile is linen; it adds soft colour and texture for a more relaxed, informal look.

Not only are napkins are the most elegant way to dress up your place settings but they can add personality to your table too; fold them, drape them, wrap them, tie them with ribbons. From a "pocket fold" to hold your cutlery to a "gift gather" tie to wrap a wedding favour, we have a napkin presentation style to suit any style of event. If you're short on time, we have a simple, no-frills "thrown on the plate" look too. Of course, a napkin's nothing without something floral or herbal so always add a little sprig of something green to complete the look!



Lay the napkin out flat, fold in half into a rectangle before folding it again into a square. Turn it so you are viewing it like a diamond shape with the folded corners at the top and sides and the four fabric flaps facing your body. Consortina fold the top layer of the napkin into three upward folds to the first point of the diamond. Do the same with the second layer of fabric in two upwards folds until it reaches flush with your first fold. Turn it over and fold in half upwards, then turn over once again so you have the rectangle and 'pockets' to display your items. Add cutlery, herbs, menus or place names to finish.



Fold the napkin into a triangle then fold vertically 3 times on the long side towards the tip so that you create an elongated strip that is approximately 7cm wide in the centre. Tie a loose knot in the middle without pulling too tight.



Lay napkin flat and pinch in the centre before gathering up and tying in the middle, fanning out the fabric at the top. Alternatively, you can place a small gift or favour in the centre of the napkin and then gather the fabric around it.



Lay out your first colour napkin as a square before layering your second napkin as a diamond on top of your square. Pinch in the centre before gathering up and tying in the middle, fanning out the fabric at the top.



Simply fold your napkin twice on the long side with the seams to the underside and place over the plate allowing it to drape off the table.



Simply shake out your napkin and allow it to fall naturally on the plate. Tweak it so it looks perfectly undone.


Happy folding!

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