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Fill your home with the most beautiful, farm-grown flowers with our "Arrange At Home" mixed dried flower box. We harvest thousands of speciality garden flowers on our flower farm in South West Scotland during the spring, summer and autumn months. We lovingly dry these flowers in our studio throughout our growing season for our arrange at home boxes; a beautiful document to a full year of flowers! 

Our farm-grown, dried flowers are guaranteed to bring joy and beauty into your home. The flowers will be delivered in a box, ready to be crafted into your own vases and designs at home. Dried flowers make beautiful long lasting, sustainable decor for your home and can be displayed in vases or as wreaths, clouds, swags, and much more. They are the perfect excuse to get creative, bringing warmth, texture, scent, and interest into your home, and are a sustainable way to enjoy flowers all year round. 


We sow, grow, nurture, and harvest thousands of stems of exquisite, rare and scented flowers that you can't find anywhere else. The dried flower box is perfect for those who appreciate locally grown, seasonal and sustainable flowers and would like to spend time enjoying the meditative and soothing pursuit of flower arranging at home.


Send yourself or someone you love the gift of beautiful, dried flowers from our flower field.


The dried flower box contains flowers in a mixture of muted tones and vibrant colours, and a variety of textures. It contains many interesting botanicals grown on our farm ranging from seed pods and dried grasses to of all the natural, garden-grown flowers we are best known for. Dried flower boxes are available for UK-wide delivery and are gift wrapped in a box with tissue and a Days of Dahlia notecard including an optional, handwritten, personalised message and care card with advice on how to look after your dried flowers.

If you purchase by Wednesday 10am, your flowers will be delivered on Friday PM. Flowers purchased after Wednesday 10am will be delivered the following Friday.

Product Specifications

  • Please choose the small or large box from the drop down menu
  • The small box contains 20 stems and a minimum of 4 different varieties
  • The large box contains 40 stems and a minimum of 6 different varieties
  • Dried flower boxes contain a varied selection of naturally dried flowers and seed heads from our previous year's growing season.
  • Each box is unique and composed of a selection of seasonal flowers from our farm, with colours and varieties differing in each box
  • The dried flower box is not customisable, we will choose the best of the stems and cannot accept specific colour or variety requests
  • Each dried flower box is delivered with a care guide, detailing how to look after your dried flowers for years to come


Sustainability Guarantees

  • Flowers naturally grown by us on our farm in Scotland
  • We have a natural and organic commitment to flower growing
  • We never bleach or dyed our flowers or treat them with preservatives
  • No chemicals or pesticides
  • Happy & safe workers - us!
  • Happy bees and butterflies
  • Shipped in compostable packaging
  • Small batch production
  • Low impact
  • 100% compostable



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