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The perfect raffia! 

Loved by gardeners, florists, crafters, cooks, and jam makers. Raffia makes a kind and gentle tie for supporting soft or succulent stems in the garden or in flower arranging. It is our go-to choice for tying together bouquets and floral accessories. It is also great to use for tying when grafting trees or for wrapping presents. A great all rounder for your toolkit.  When using your hank, open and hang up the tied end, then simply pull it out strand by strand as you need it.

Nutscene remains a household name in gardening with its quality twine and jutes which have been wound on the same bobbins in their Dundee factory since 1922. 

Product Specifications

  • Each hank contains approximately 90 strands
  • Each length is approximately 1 metre long
  • Manufactured in Dundee, Scotland


Sustainability Guarantees

  • From plants for plants
  • Raffia is 100% biodegradable
  • Raffia is made from the dried and shredded leaves of the Palmyra Palm tree
  • Nutscene raffia hanks are harvested from renewable sources in Madagascar
  • Products sourced from suppliers who share our values
  • Posted in reusable or compostable packaging
  • No plastic!


Please see our shop policy for details on delivery and returns. 



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