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Join Lauren & Louisina in their bright, flower filled studio for this 3 hour masterclass on how to dye natural fabrics in a variety of soft and botanical colours with flowers, plants, food waste, and other natural materials. The workshop will consist of three demos - the hot and cold dye method, the bundle dye method and how to make a ribbon from a length of your dyed fabric. Participants will embark on a guided foraging trip in our woodland before returning to the studio to learn natural dyeing techniques with plants and minerals collected. The workshop will cover how to source and prepare dye material and textiles, an overview of history, context and sustainability, essential equipment and tools, and altering colours with mordants and modifiers. Participants will create their own set of beautifully dyed fabrics. 


Botanical dyeing with plants and flowers is a beautiful and ancient tradition and a great way to discover a natural and sustainable way of working with colour and textiles. There is something deeply special about creating your own colour palette and engaging with natural materials and ancient processes which are herbal, restorative and nourishing to the skin. This class will equip you with extensive information which you can put to use in many DIY dyeing projects for clothes, homeware, gifts, and ribbon accessories.



  • Please choose a date from the drop-down menu
  • Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided
  • Hosted at our studio in South Lanarkshire which is 30mins drive from central Glasgow or 45-60mins via public transport. Bear in mind there is a 30-40mins walk along a country road from the nearest bus stop
  • 8 places per class
  • 3 hours of demonstrations, practical exercises, information, presentations, and instructions 
  • Downloadable plant dyeing e-book made available after the class
  • Discover our must-have tools and materials
  • Learn a technique that can be put to use in your own practice
  • Dye your own fabrics to take home

Please see our shop policy for details on refunds and cancellations.


Who is this for?
Our workshops are for anyone who shares our love of the botanical world, an enthusiasm for natural materials and an ethic of care for the environment. We welcome both aspiring and experienced crafters, florists, artists, hobbyists, enthusiasts, experts to complete beginners. We have welcomed many different people to our flower school over the years; from gardeners to fellow florists, writers, lawyers, doctors, artists, designers, architects, retirees, families, and young people. Whatever experience you bring or whatever your motivation to join us, we welcome you and will always be your guide whilst encouraging you to explore your own ideas and creativity. Slow down with us and appreciate the beauty of the natural world, our workshops are the perfect antidote to a hectic life. 



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